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Literary Freedom LLC

"We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society."

-Angela Davis

Literary Freedom LLC was founded by Jillian Hanesworth in 2021 in order to expand literary access to communities of color as well as historically excluded communities. 

Without access to educational tools, and the ability to use the arts to tell our stories and uplift our experiences, we as a people would face even more difficulties than we already do will trying to fight systems of oppression and maintain our culture. Historically, Black stories have been shared using poetry, music, visual art, dance, and traditional storytelling. Literary Freedom aims to uphold those traditions. All workshops, trainings, and lessons fall under Literary Freedom, and will be used to enforce the mission of the company.

"To provide access to educational tools, and help others build the necessary skills to impactfully use the arts to tell our stories and uplift our experiences."

Literary Freedom LLC: Bio
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